We had so much to celebrate last Thursday when more than 500 employees from our Home Office and Distribution Center along with more than 100 of our beloved vendors came together to celebrate the announcement that The Container Store was #22 on FORTUNE Magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For”. The celebration started with 13 banners representing our 13 years on the employer-of-choice list being unfurled one after the other culminating with the 2012 banner! There was a champagne toast and employees enjoyed delicious treats that included a popcorn bar with gourmet toppings and whoopee pies.

In the spirit of keeping our recent Staff Meeting alive, the theme of this year’s FORTUNE “100 Best” celebration was “Connection, Communication and Community” with games and activities centered around our “yummy” culture, our Foundation PrinciplesTMand our products. Activities included two community art projects — a puzzle project where employees personalized puzzle pieces with colored markers, stickers, stencils and gems and then added their decorated piece to form a puzzle with a surprise message. And the second was an art project for local Dallas nonprofit Dwell with Dignity where employees made colorful woven squares that together created a beautiful piece of modern art to go in the new home of a family struggling with homelessness and poverty. Every employee was also encouraged to write a fun fact about themselves on a sticker and wear it to the party. This was such a great opportunity to connect with each other — so many fun conversations were started and we learned so many things about our colleagues that we didn’t know!

Other activities included employees connecting hundreds of AMAC Boxes to create a colorful AMAC sculpture, a 3-Legged Balloon Pop, Musical Dairy Crates, and The Container Store Pictionary. Employees also took time to connect with each other at “The History Bar” where they enjoyed a special “Fortune Teller” drink created to honor this very special day and relaxed in The Connection Corner lounge where they played “Connect Four” and kicked back in comfy chairs.

Jennifer, a Home Office employee who got to experience her first FORTUNE celebration said, “I absolutely loved it! I thought it was so much fun — there was so much to do and I was able to connect with so many people. Seeing the banners unfurl one after the other commemorating our FORTUNE honor for the past 13 years was just amazing — this is what Air of Excitement is all about!!”

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