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An Unexpected Customer Connection

An Unexpected Customer Connection

For many people these days, losing one’s cell phone is a moment of terror straight out of a horror movie, and it was no less scary for Nicole Collins, our Distribution Center Recruiter, when it happened to her this past November. “I was helping our fulfillment team process orders during the holiday rush, and when my shift was over and I got back to my desk, I realized my iPhone was gone,” she says. “I tried retracing my steps through the distribution center and calling it several times, but it was nowhere to be found.

After remotely locking her phone and updating her contact info in case it was found, Nicole anxiously awaited any news, and was afraid she’d never see it again. Several days passed, and then suddenly she received a call at her desk one afternoon. “Hello…” said the voice at the other end. “I think we have your phone.”

As it turns out, Nicole had accidentally dropped her iPhone into a customer’s package while working with the fulfillment team, and then it had been shipped from our Distribution Center in Texas to a customer named Sue, all the way in New York! “She was super nice, patient, very understanding, and not-at-all annoyed with the mistake,” Nicole says. “She shipped my phone back to me right away, and I sent her a text message to let her know when I had received it.” Nicole and her husband were so appreciative of this kind gesture that they decided to send Sue a gift card to The Container Store as a thank-you! 

Nicole, who has an extensive background in retail, says that this story perfectly demonstates the exceptional relationship between The Container Store and its customers. “A lot of other companies have good customers, but I think the relationship we have with our customers is unique and special,” she gushes. “It’s our great employees that keep them coming back. It’s a love and respect that goes both ways. Because the customers feel taken care of, they’re kind enough to return that feeling.”

Though Nicole has only worked for The Container Store since last September, she already insists that “there’s just something different about coming to work here.” It’s not just about our culture, she says. “Our people are simply being who they are, and they just happen to be great!”