Being an “employee-first” company, The Container Store is always looking for those benefits that are considered special and unique, and have the potential to save time and money for employees. Compass Professional Health Services provides a variety of support to our employees to not only save them money and time, but to provide peace of mind, as well. From researching doctors and facilities, making professional recommendations and setting provider appointments, finding the best pricing options for procedures and services to claims resolution and complete benefit plan options information, Compass takes the hassle and time commitment away from our employees so they can focus on our customers and not have that nagging worry following them about unfinished personal business. The Container Store focuses on partnering with companies, such as Compass, to establish mutually beneficial relationships. That means that we align ourselves with companies that benefit from working with us as much as we benefit from working with them. It works and is truly a win-win for everyone!

When Compass was first introduced to us we were a bit skeptical about their ability to support all the services they said they could provide. And we were especially interested in their ability to provide the level of customer service we feel our employees deserve, and what we in turn provide to our customers. We agreed to a six-month trial and rolled the program out to all full-time employees enrolled in medical, dental and/or vision benefits in our Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex stores, Distribution Center and Home Office. We collaborated with Compass on creating whole-brained and targeted communication, and it didn’t take long for word to spread. The unbelievably positive feedback we received from employees was the fuel needed to roll the program out to the rest of our full-time employees enrolled in our benefits, from coast to coast. Compass was welcomed with open arms and embraced as one of the most amazing benefits we offer. We just love this article that recently appeared about their special company.

— Renee Morris, Benefits Director, 12 Years

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