I really believe that being a conscious business means that everyone is aware of their wake — WAKE like a boat’s wake.  Everything you do and everything you don’t do impacts the people around you and your business, far far more than you realize. Okay, well, my favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I know it’s kind of corny, but the whole movie is about showing one guy, George Bailey, the size of his wake. I think all of our wakes are much, much bigger than we can ever imagine. Each and every one of our employees is mindful of the power of their wake in all they do — how they support and develop their colleagues, work with a customer, or a vendor and how they contribute to the community.  I love reading the comments from our customers about the impact our employees have on their lives — not even just their storage problems … their lives! When you get an entire organization that’s mindful of their wake, some pretty incredible things can happen, and that’s what we’re working towards every day here at The Container Store — being incredible for everyone who touches our business.

— Kip, Chairman and CEO

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