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Leaders We Love: Nelson Mandela

Leaders We Love: Nelson Mandela

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I’ve always been in awe of Nelson Mandela’s compassion, strength, and leadership. In a nutshell, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years due to his political views on Apartheid. Not once did he revert to seeking revenge, but rather always knew that he needed to set an example for his nation in order to overcome the grave injustice. For this, he is widely revered as the Father of the Nation.

It was clear from the beginning of my career here that our values at The Container Store coincide with Nelson Mandela’s beliefs on life equality and doing the right thing in every situation. The company knows that by valuing their employees, the employees will ultimately take care of their customers, too. These values build an accomplished company that’s to be admired.

Not only am I a proud The Container Store shopper, now I can also count myself amongst the exceptional team of employees. Each day that I come to work, I am reminded by Nelson Mandela that it’s my job to live The Container Store’s Foundation Principles so that I’m setting an example for my whole team. I want to inspire them to do what’s right because they see me doing the same – whether that’s in the way that we help take care of our customers, or the way we work together to make decisions and solve problems.

Nelson Mandela is an incredible leader with a unique and loving leadership style. For more information about Mandela – including a detailed biography and list of additional reading materials, you can visit

Mahaba A., General Manager, Reston Store