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What We Stand For – Life’s Journeys

What We Stand For – Life’s Journeys

We recently asked our employees to select one word that best described what The Container Store stands for and to express it in a way that represents their unique interests and backgrounds. While we were incredibly inspired by all of the submissions, there was one in particular that resonated perfectly with this time of year – JOURNEY!

Stacy, an 8-year employee, said that her life’s JOURNEY brought her to The Container Store where her career allows her to pursue her passion for traveling. She loves that her travels for our company empower her to create an incredible wake — WAKE like a boat’s wake — in her family’s, friends’, community’s and co-workers’ lives. I adore that Stacy’s passion for travel has aligned itself with the needs of our business in order to create a wonderfully fulfilling career for her and an indelible contribution to each of our new stores and new employees as she helps them prepare for Grand Opening Day!

We take it seriously that our employees choose to spend much of their life’s journey with us. We’re honored that our customers invite us to share theirs. And we’re humbled that our partnership in our vendors’ journey to build their businesses has in many cases meant growing from operating out of their garages to successful manufacturing facilities. When everyone connected to our business is happy and well cared for, it creates a more enjoyable journey for all.

But it all starts with our employees. It’s our number one priority to ensure that our employees are thriving in their careers and truly understand our deep-rooted appreciation for all they do to make The Container Store a company our customers are excited to support.

So, we delight in recognizing our 10-year employees with two extra weeks of vacation as a paid sabbatical. And at 20 years of service, we provide them with two round-trip airline tickets anywhere in the U.S., an extra week of vacation and $1,000 spending money. These adventures, without a doubt, enhance our employees’ lives and add to their life experiences. Those experiences in turn help our customers organize a kid’s room, an overflowing closet, or during this time of year, a perfectly packed suitcase for an organized and stress-free journey across the state, country or globe.

We can’t wait to hear about your next journey, weekend jaunt or jet-setting adventure — be sure to leave a comment telling us all about it for a chance to win one of the many $50 Store More Cards we give away each month.

Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO