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Perspectives on Fun and Humor at Work

Perspectives on Fun and Humor at Work

Unless you’re Angela Martin from NBC’s “The Office”, most people like to have fun at work. (Of course, if you try to have too much fun, you might end up becoming Michael Scott. Don’t do that either.) While it might sometimes be a tricky balance, cultivating a fun, humorous atmosphere in the workplace can ultimately increase camaraderie and productivity. In fact, our own CEO Melissa Reiff even lists a good sense of humor as one of her 15 Heartfelt Characteristics of a Great Leader!

We recently ran across a few articles related to this topic and we wanted to share them with you:

“Workplace Humor Has Some Unexpected Benefits” by Grant Hilary Brenner M.D. (via Psychology Today)

“Humor is one of the highest forms of human communication, and can serve to increase intimacy, show compassion and understanding, break tension, make the unspeakable speakable, and in general bring people together in laughter in a way nothing else can.”

“Why Fun at Work Matters” by Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher (via

“Levity from 9 to 5 not only benefits workers, but it’s great for the bottom line. Learn why in this excerpt from ‘The Levity Effect.’”

“Humor at Work: Can It Improve Your Company Culture?” (via Good & Co)

“Recent studies show that smart business leaders are also looking for perfect matches who can bring a bit of levity to the daily grind…With more successful leaders recognizing the myriad of benefits of laughter around the water cooler, it seems the age of the buttoned-up, sterile workday might be coming to an end.”