We have partnered with Teens Turning Green on a super cool initiative…Project Green Challenge.  The Challenge seeks to engage high school and college students across the country and inspire them to become more behaviorally conscious through a 30-day green lifestyle Challenge.  It will all take place this fall when students will be given 30 simple steps to experience how easy the transition to green can be.  The Challenge aims to raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions, while empowering them with actionable steps for their own lives.

The Challenge will be comprised of simple, daily challenges to demonstrate just how fun, accessible, and effective environmentally- and socially-responsible living can be.  Prizes will be given daily to engage and incent participation.  So where do we come into play?  The Container Store will be sponsoring the day’s Challenge on Monday, October 10, with a “From Disposables to Reusables” scavenger hunt.  Students will be encouraged to visit The Container Store near them or to jump online to participate in the scavenger hunt, looking for sustainable products that will allow them to lessen their dependency on disposables.  So think along the lines of switching from paper lunch sacks to reusable lunch totes or plastic produce bags to reusable, mesh produce bags for grocery shopping.

To learn more about Project Green Challenge and to get involved, visit


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