Thank you to the thousands (yes, literally THOUSANDS of you) who took the time to leave a love note for our employees on our blog in celebration of National We Love Our Employees Day! We absolutely loved hearing all about your great experiences with our employees – from how they’ve helped you organize “that mess” that’s been bugging you, to how they brighten your day when you walk into our stores! Plus, we appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm over our Employee First Fund launch – we’re pretty excited about it, too!

See the comments left by the 10 lucky winners of our “Share the Love” contest below – they’ve each won a $100 Store More Card!

  • Chassity L: I love Container Store employees because they’re always welcoming, energetic, generous, patient, kind, and always willing to help. I travel from out of town to shop at the Atlanta Buckhead (GA) store because we don’t have a Container Store where I’m from (Birmingham, AL), and the employees make the trip worthwhile. Through this Employee First Fund program, may that kindness, generosity, welcomeness and helpfulness be returned to you. Sending loads of love to the employees for the great job you do!! HAPPY NATIONAL WE LOVE OUR EMPLOYEES DAY!
  • Kathy K: You have some of the most caring and helpful people I have ever met! That means a lot to me as a customer! Thank you!
  • Richard M: A company that appreciates and empowers their employees is company that I respect and will frequent. I love the container store!
  • Penny H: It is so nice to hear that you are supporting your employees and value their every day contribution to your bottom line. What goes around comes around and I am proud to shop where there is mutual respect. I love your store and your employees are always so helpful. Keep up the good work.
  • Gail S: I love the employees because they say my name when I walk in the store and ask me specific questions about the project I was working on last. You can tell they are really paying attention and care about what you are doing because they remember everything!!!
  • Kathy Kay: I visited the Container store for the first time a week ago. I decided I wanted to get organized in my home and found out that this was definitely the place to help me do that. When I went in to the store I was sort of lost, and must have looked it. A young man approached me and started to ask me questions as to what I was looking for. He was so patient, and helpful in determining what exactly I needed to achieve this organization. I was so surprised at how much he really did want to help me. I’ve accomplished what I set out to do because of his help. I will definitely be back to the store again, and again since there will always be another area in my house that can use organization. You have gained a lifetime customer. Thank you.
  • Elizabeth B: You can feel that the employees at Container store love their jobs and thus give the best service to everyone that walks in. I am positive that one of the main reasons they love their job is because they don’t feel like just another employee. I’ve had two kinds of jobs. One where the boss wanted you to put in all you could and where you were informed that if you couldn’t do the job someone else was ready to take over. Didn’t last long there because I didn’t like going to work. I’m at a job now where my input is valued and i am made to feel like we are all part of a family. I love going to work and this makes me more productive. I wish that all employers were aware that if their employees are happy the customers are happy.
  • Belinda M: What a refreshing, powerful response of a company to the needs of their employees! No wonder the employees at my local store are so happy. It must be so comforting that your workplace is like a family all the way up to corporate headquarters. The Container Store is one of my favorite places to spend my time and money. This initative is just one more reason why.
  • Katie D: This is such an amazing and thoughtful way to show your appreciation! There are too many companies that view employees as workers instead of family. Working together develops relationships and personal connections and it’s inspiring to see company’s like you acknowledging and promoting this!
  • Lorri F: I’ve been shopping at The Container Store for more than a decade, and over all that time, I have been consistently impressed with the quality of TCS employees. They are always helpful, pleasant, and kind. Always. Without exception. I have never found a single Container Store employee to be anything less than a bright spot in my day. That’s pretty amazing. Kudos to all of you, and to the corporate culture that finds you, supports you, and nurtures your success. Huzzah.


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