It’s certainly no secret that sitting all day can hamper your health. Ongoing research links high amounts of time spent behind a desk to increased risk for low back pain, cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Yikes!

For employees at our home office who work at a computer for the majority of the day, we offer the option of a standing desk. This was a no-brainer for us – with the help of our awesome elfa shelving solutions, it’s easy for any employee who’s interested to be set up with a taller workstation. According to experts, this keeps their leg muscles constantly working, which helps to clear glucose and fats from the bloodstream.

Our Training & Development Director Kristen switched to a standing desk earlier this year, and was surprised at how it’s improved her energy level.

“The first two weeks that I switched to the standing desk was tough – I felt pretty exhausted at the end of the day,” said Kristen. “But, now that my body is used to it, it’s amazing how much more energy I have. Thanks to our casual work environment, I’m able to wear sneakers or flats every day, and I normally sit down for lunch to take a break. Overall, I’m able to move about my office much more easily.  I used to feel “rickety” at the end of the day – I’d stretch out and my bones would pop and creak. Now, I feel much healthier and productive.”

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