The Container Store’s employees LOVE to hug!!

The Container Store’s employees LOVE to hug!!

We’re big huggers at The Container Store – it’s true. Our employees hug to celebrate successes, to provide each other much-needed support and to thank each other for a job well done. And rather than scold employees for mistakes, our managers “hug” mistakes seeing them as part of us all growing stronger – together.

So, of course we’re excited that our friend and fellow conscious capitalist Roy Spence – founder of advertising agency GSD&M in Austin and The Purpose Institute – recently wrote a book detailing the profound purpose behind the power of hugs, called The 10 Essential Hugs of Life. Roy was raised in a family of hug-gers and he’s always lived by the motto that “anyone worth meeting is worth hugging.” And that includes people you meet in business!!

Our CEO, Kip, talks about the power of love in business every chance he gets, and after reading Roy’s book said, “Just as the act of hugging speeds up the process of building a lasting friendship, it also speeds up the process of building lasting business relationships—with employees, vendors, and customers. The world and the world of business are better places because Roy is out there proving through ‘high-love, high-profit organizations’ that hugs are not only OK in virtually any situation, but that they are essential to a happy, loving, fulfilling, and purposeful life and business.”

Interested in bringing the power of the hug to your workplace? Leave a comment below for a chance to win a signed copy of Roy Spence’s book!


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