We stand for more than just fabulous closets! WE stand for creatively crafting mutually-beneficial relationships with all of our vendors. We spend a lot of time communicating with our vendors and we look for things that we can do for them.  It’s like any human relationship: The more you know somebody, the more you can care about them. It’s actually kind of hard to tell the difference between our employees, our vendors and our customers. We sincerely treat our vendors the same way we treat our employees and our customers; we have wonderfully long-term relationships with them.

Differentiation is key for The Container Store because we have no reason to exist if we’re selling the same products that everybody else does. It takes this keen relationship building to ensure we’re able to differentiate our product, secure exclusives, ensure higher quality and great pricing.

So, we asked our VENDORS to tell us what they thought The Container Store stands for – in one word.  We just LOVED what they had to say and hope you do, too!

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