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Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.17.37 AMHere at The Container Store, we don’t just sell products, but instead, we sell solutions – solutions that save people space and ultimately, time. We’ve always known that maximizing vertical space is key to getting organized so we do that by offering great, flexible shelving solutions that can be customized to fit a space perfectly, versus a “one size fits all” solution. And we realized early on that these types of products don’t just sell themselves. Our customers need a high level of personal service from our wonderful salespeople to determine the perfect solution for their own unique needs, style and budget. That personalized approach means our salespeople receive hundreds of hours of training in order to best solve our customers’ storage and organization challenges, and specifically their shelving needs!

Over the years, our shelving collection has expanded as our buyers seek out new options to meet our customers’ evolving needs and tastes. And if something isn’t available in the marketplace, we collaborate with our vendor partners to create a proprietary solution to the specifications of what our customers asked for, or that we sense they need. With the right shelving in place, kids’ toys come off the floor, vacation photos are visible for a quick trip down memory lane and there’s more room for shoes, shoes and more shoes.

What we’re actually trying to do with each solution we provide – and oh, how I hope you can feel this – is to get you to do a little dance every time you use your organized space. We want your heart to race a little (or a lot) when you walk out of our store with the perfect answer to that “thing” that’s been driving you crazy. That is what we have so much fun doing for our customers. That is what gets us excited about coming to work each day. And we know if that happens, you might tell your neighbor or your sister about it. And maybe, just maybe, you might host a party in that perfectly organized space. Don’t laugh…we’ve heard from countless customers who’ve thrown a party in their newly organized closet!

We can’t wait to hear which of our solutions you love the most! We hope you’ll leave a comment here telling us more about one of your favorites. Thanks for giving us the chance to get your heart racing!


Kip Tindell
Chairman and CEO

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  • Welcome
  • Welcome

    Hello! Since our doors opened in 1978, we’ve been a company full of heart and soul with what I like to call our “yummy” culture. We put our employees first and strive for excellence in everything we do. We want to be special, different, and to offer a retail experience unlike any other. Our blog is a place to celebrate our employees, our culture, our customers, our vendors and our commitment to our communities. So thank you for visiting, for sharing your thoughts and for being an even bigger part of what we stand for – organization with heart!

    Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO

  • Our Story
  • Our Story

    On July 1, 1978, The Container Store opened its doors in a 1,600 square foot retail space in Dallas. The first store was filled with products that consumers couldn't find in any other retail environment. They were things like commercial parts bins, mailboxes, popcorn tins, burger baskets, milk crates and wire leaf burners. The product collection was quite unusual, but when used in a home or office, the solutions saved customers space and, ultimately, time.

  • Employee-First Culture
  • Putting Our Employees First

    At The Container Store, we firmly believe our employee is our #1 stakeholder. In doing so, employees take better care of customers and ultimately the shareholders benefit. It's a departure from what most other companies practice, yet it's been at the heart of our success since 1978.

  • Our Foundation Principles
  • Our Foundation Principles

    Not only was The Container Store built on great products, but it was structured around some fundamental values and philosophies about treating employees, customers and vendors with respect and dignity - we call them our Foundation Principles™. By understanding these principles, we can all act as a unit, working toward the same goal. Retail is far, far too situational to attempt to achieve a concerted effort through inflexible rules and policies.

  • Commitment to our Communities
  • Committed to Our Communities

    Since we opened our first store in 1978, we have proudly supported our stores' local communities. From product donations to employee volunteer time, we know the importance of being a good corporate neighbor. Today, The Container Store continues to give back to the community with a focus on supporting nonprofits that promote women's and children's well-being and health.

  • Vendor Partnerships
  • Our Vendor Partnerships

    These partnerships are key to our commitment to providing our customers the most innovative, high quality, differentiated products in the industry coupled with the utmost in customer service. And they have been especially important as we navigate this challenging economic time.

  • Commitment to the Environment
  • Our Commitment to the Environment

    We believe that there is no conflict between economic prosperity and environmental stewardship and, in fact, that the two are mutually dependent upon each other. Like many other companies, we embrace sustainability as a key to our economic future and feel businesses that do this will have a better relationship with all of their stakeholders and ultimately, be able to offer the best quality products at the lowest possible prices.

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