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Why Business is a Force for Good

Why Business is a Force for Good

While pop culture likes to continue to portray business as evil and greedy – we couldn’t agree more with Lisa McLeod’s article Why Business is a Force for Good, Yes Really on the Huffington Post Blog.

She quotes our board member, professor and author Raj Sisodia, as saying: “Business is inherently ethical because it’s based on a voluntary exchange.” Then goes on to explain, “Imagine a thriving society where people have the capacity to care for their families, and spend their days making a meaningful contribution. Can you envision that world existing without free enterprise? Of course not, a thriving community depends upon people buying and selling their wares in a free market.”

And when you combine that idea with real-life examples of companies and leaders who are focusing on their people instead of the bottom line (which ironically is when the bottom line thrives the most), well – then you start to feel like maybe the narrative of business really IS changing.

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