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3 Reasons to Work Prime-Time at TCS

3 Reasons to Work Prime-Time at TCS

At The Container Store (TCS), we’re firm believers that one’s job should be suited to the individual, and for many people that means a job as a “Prime-Time” employee. “Prime-Time” is what we call our part-time employees who work in the “prime” or most popular time of day for shoppers, and whether you’re a student, stay-at-home parent, retiree, or someone who already has a job, we offer a variety of great roles in both our stores and Customer Solutions Department.

We know part-time jobs in retail are plentiful, so why work at The Container Store? Here are three big reasons:

1. Flexible Schedules

For many people, a good work/life balance is the most important part of finding a job, and we’re happy to help our employees find the schedule that fits them best. Angel R., Customer Contact Coordinator in our Customer Solutions Department, already had another part-time job when she came to work for us last year. She works around 15-20 hours a week at Lovepacs—a nonprofit that provides food for children during long breaks away from school—and then another 20-25 hours per week at TCS. “The Container Store has been so flexible when I’ve had work events at Lovepacs,” Angel says. “I also have two very athletic teenaged daughters, so they’ve allowed me to work my shifts around their games so I can cheer them on!”

This flexibility is also important to Norma W., a Prime-Time Sales Associate at our San Francisco store. In addition to working at TCS, she’s also a student majoring in Integrative Health at Arizona State University. “Each online class is rigorous and compressed into 7-1/2 weeks, so being a prime-timer at TCS gives me the flexibility I need to complete my assignments,” she says.

2. A Fun and Engaging Workplace

Norma also loves the fun, high-energy atmosphere of her job. “I recently started wearing a FitBit, and I’m getting so much more exercise than before!” she says. One of her favorite parts of her job is working on each customer’s specific organization challenges: “Our customers’ needs are wide and varied, and I love treating each space as a ‘puzzle’ to be solved!” 

Bloys M., a retiree and Prime-Time Sales Associate at our Charlotte store, also loves the fast-paced and interesting environment. In his two years at TCS, Bloys has tirelessly learned as much as possible, doing everything from merchandise processing to local media spots. “Our management team is so supportive of helping me grow and learn different parts of the business,” he says. Yet even after doing all that work, Bloys STILL has enough energy left to pursue his two passions: golf, and happily chasing around his two young granddaughters!

3. A Great Culture and Benefits

Initially a customer in our Westbury store, Bloys has always been a big fan of our products, but when it came time to find a part-time job it was The Container Store’s culture that really drew him. “Working for a company that has consistently appeared on Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies To Work For’ list is always a good way to start your employment search!” he offers. Plus, it gave him the opportunity to take advantage of our amazing employee discount: 40% off general merchandise and 50% off elfa! 

The culture and benefits were equally important to Angel. “TCS has such a great reputation as an amazing place to work,” she gushes. “And my husband is self-employed, so the fact that I can receive health benefits through my part-time job is huge! There are very few places that do this for their employees while ALSO providing a fun work atmosphere!”

Think The Container Store might be a great fit for you? Be sure to check out our Careers page for open positions nationwide!