The Container Store

A Four Letter Word

A Four Letter Word

While conducting one-on-one meetings and annual performance reviews with my team – the Overnight Shift at our Distribution Center – I have reflected on the success of The Container Store and why it’s been such a great place to work for the 20 years. As I engaged with each individual I had a very clear understanding of why we are and will continue to be successful.

More and more I am being told by so many employees with big beaming smiles that their friends and families have commented to them that since they started working at The Container Store they have changed. They’ve changed for the better; they seem happier in general and talk about work a lot, something they had never done in the past!

When I think about why, it comes down one four letter word, “WITH.”

It struck me that I don’t really work for anyone and no one works for me, but I truly do work with the most fantastic group of people I have ever encountered.

I realized as I interacted with my direct reports that we all work with each other, focused on the common goal of helping each other and our company be successful. It’s a true win, win situation. In reflection I have realized that during my long career at TCS I’ve been working with great people, who truly have had my best interest in mind as I have had theirs. I have always felt that I have had a most wonderful opportunity to work with Kip, Sharon and Melissa, as well as all the Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, fellow supervisors and employees, all focusing on making each other and the company successful at every level.

As a company we work with all of our stakeholders focusing on a common goal of helping each be sure our company succeeds.

Now for some fun with the word:
Why I Try Harder

Because I work with the most talented, supportive, caring group of individuals focused on helping each other and the company become the world’s best retailer.

Vic Y., Distribution Center Replenishment and Putaway Supervisor