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And the Winners Are…

And the Winners Are…

Congratulations to the 10 winners of our We Love Our Employees Day “Share the Love and a Hug” giveaway – Marchand, Susan M., Bethany S., Nancy, Caryn, David, Matthew M., Donna T., Susan R. and Patricia H.! Their comments were randomly selected as winners, and they’ll each be receiving a $100 Store More card from The Container Store!

A special thank-you goes out to all of our AMAZING customers and vendors for sending “hug notes” to our employees on our blog, through the mail, and in our stores. We received more than 2,500 notes, poems, toasts, Top 10 lists and more, all singing the praises of our fantastic employees! We were so touched by your words of kindness and can’t tell you how much we appreciate wonderful customers and vendor partners like you!

See below for the wonderful “Hug Notes” that our 10 winners sent in:

  • Marchand: “To all of the employees at The Container Store: Thank you so much for having a smile on your face for every visitor who enters your store. Thank you for making organizing my family’s life as easy as you do. Thank you for providing ideas and solutions for my storage needs. Thank you for being YOU!”
  • Susan M.: “I am always excited when I have a new reason to shop at The Container Store near my house. Where else can I go and have one of the wonderful employees take seriously a question like: ‘I need a thing to put my things in (insert hand gestures), can you help?’ Thanks for always being so patient and keeping the store so fun and inviting!”
  • Bethany S.: “I love shopping at The Container Store!!! They have awesome products and the employees are always super helpful!! I’ve never had a bad experience and I know I can always ask one of them and they either know the answer or will gladly point me in the right direction. Thank you Container Store employees for all your hard work and welcoming attitudes!!”
  • Nancy: “XXXXs & OOOs to The Container Store and ALL your employees. YOU ARE GREAT!!! Both of our sons and their families live in Colorado and I NEVER miss a visit to The Container Store when we visit. I appreciate the help offered many times during each visit to be sure I am finding what I want, actually taking me to what I want, explaining alternative choices for something I am trying to accomplish and checking out my purchases efficiently. Smiles tell the story that The Container Store’s employees love where they work and that’s great for them and for me. THANK YOU….and I will see you again next Christmas. In the meantime, I’ll be ordering over the internet.”
  • Caryn: “I love that The Container Store’s employees always have a smile on their face and are willing to help or suggest an item to help me stay organized!!! Thanks!”
  • David: “Great products and great prices.”
  • Matthew M.: “The employees at the Raleigh, NC store are awesome. Every time I visit the store I receive great service, with all my questions answered and many suggestions of other products.”
  • Donna T.: “I love that they are always to willing to help and answer the millions of questions that I come in with.”
  • Susan R.: “I bought a bungee chair at the Las Vegas store a few weeks ago and your employee walked it out to my car! What great service! Thanks so much…love that store!”
  • Patricia H.: “Your employees are so friendly and helpful. They really take the time to understand the needs of the customer and help them find the best solution for their storage needs. I always am greeted with a friendly smile and they are not pushy at all. They even ask if I need a cart when they see me with my hands full. My husband and I love shopping at the Container store.”