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Boldly Go

Boldly Go

We at The Container Store pride ourselves on being able to contain just about anything in the world (or any world!). So we just have to share this story about how our full time sales employee Ke'ri Krieg from our Orlando store used her intuition to help a customer find just the right containers to meet his exact needs.

Ke’ri said, “We had a customer come in who was looking for a container for work. He had very strict guidelines for what he needed, including shape, material and even weight! After asking a few questions I discovered that he was selecting containers to send into outer space. Literally!”

Ke’ri learned that the man was an engineer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and he needed containers for samples they would be collecting in outer space!! They borrowed a scale from our Kitchen department so they could weigh and measure each potential product to see if it fit the bill. In the end, they decided that the Clear Flush-Lid Amac Boxes would serve the perfect form and function. The customer ended up buying a variety of the boxes (since they do come in SEVEN sizes) and he was thrilled that he could count on The Container Store to have just the thing to meet his needs.

How exciting is that? Now a little piece of TCS will be in space!