The Container Store

What If Everyone Associated with a Business Could Thrive?

What If Everyone Associated with a Business Could Thrive?

For us, it’s not just a question. It’s what we work to achieve in all that we do for each of our stakeholders – our EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS, VENDORS, the COMMUNITY and our SHAREHOLDERS. Let our stakeholders tell you more! Watch our videos below and leave a comment by Jan. 31st for a chance to win one of ten $1,000 Store More Cards. See official giveaway rules for details.

“A store that can change your life? We sure hope so! We accomplish this by staying true to our employee-first, “yummy” culture, our Foundation Principles™ and the tenets of Conscious Capitalism®. The result is a business where happy, well-paid, well-trained employees look forward to coming to work alongside other great people to improve customers’ lives by getting them organized; where our vendors’ companies can become all they hope and dream for; and where our communities can flourish. And when all of this happens, shareholders benefit from a financially healthy company! This is when EVERYONE thrives!

On behalf of everyone at The Container Store, thank you for shopping with us, and in doing so, not just helping us organize lives but change them for the better.”

— Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO

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