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Careers with Heart: Customer Solutions

Careers with Heart: Customer Solutions

In the next installment of our blog series “Careers with Heart” we’re talking to Customer Solutions Department Supervisor Amy Thompson.

How did you begin your career at The Container Store?
I was hired as a part-time seasonal employee during our Summer Sale and I’ve been here just over two years. I’d been an assistant manager at my previous retail job, so taking a part-time seasonal position felt like a risk. I was excited about working at The Container Store, and I could see the opportunity to grow a meaningful career here, so it was a chance I was willing to take and it paid off!

What is the Customer Solutions Department?
The Customer Solutions Department (CSD) encompasses customer service that takes place over the phone, via email or through our Live Chat. We also assist with our installations, TCS Closets, Contained Home, Business-to-Business Solutions and many other areas of the company.

As a Customer Solutions Department supervisor, what are your responsibilities?
A typical day in CSD can vary, but I’ll usually start the day by helping the team leaders come up with a game plan. Throughout the rest of the day I’ll support the team by keeping us all focused on providing great experiences for our customers, and I’ll also make time for individual updates with employees.

We deal with a wide range of responsibilities, but I love knowing that no matter what the issue is I’m going to take care of that customer or that employee and make their day!

As for being a supervisor, I came from a completely different retail environment that didn’t prioritize the training and development of its employees, so it’s really amazing to work for a company that does. Whether our employees work two days a week or full-time, we truly emphasize growing and developing everyone.

What’s your favorite product from The Container Store?
Other than elfa (of course!), I really love the Luxe Acrylic Modular Drawers and Trays. I have them all over my bathroom for my makeup and bath products, and I’ve raved about them so much both my mom and my aunts now want them as well!

Are you a “piler” or a “filer”?
I’m definitely a piler! I’ve always got a pile on my desk, but the fact that I can see what’s left to work on motivates me to get it done and get rid of that pile!

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?
I love reading all kinds of books and comics, going to the movies, and just spending time at home with my dog Annie.

What’s one word that describes your career at The Container Store?