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Cheers to 12 Years!

Cheers to 12 Years!

Cheers to 12 years on FORTUNE magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.” And this year, we are #21!! We’ve been on the list everywhere from #1 (for the first two years we applied), #2, #3 to #15 and #36. To have sustained a position as an employer of choice – even during trying economic times – is truly one of our proudest accomplishments. We haven’t had any layoffs, we haven’t closed any stores and on the flipside, we’ve actually invested more in our people, their training and our company infrastructure. The first year we made the FORTUNE list, Kip, our Chairman and CEO, was asked by a friend if there was any other business honor that he would rather receive. The biggest retailer? The most profitable retailer? Without hesitation he answered, “this is it…this employer-of-choice recognition that’s dictated by our employees’ sense of trust in our company.” And each year since, he’s answered the same way.

Every year, we’re always so proud of the company we’re in when we look at the 100 companies. There are so many other wonderful, well-respected companies like Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Zappos and Starbucks. We all feel so strongly that there’s no yoga class or free lunch that beats being completely surrounded by absolutely wonderful people… colleagues who have the commitment to breathless communication. No matter the role, any, any piece of company information is available, communicated, up for discussion –(except individual salaries)…we share everything! And to have people throughout the company all working toward the same goal, doing all they can to help each other and our customers every single day…well that’s why no matter the “number” we think that The Container Store is the best company to work for in America. So now it’s time to celebrate!!! And we’ll be doing a lot of that around our beloved company today!

As part of the “100 Best” feature, we were so excited to have several videos coverage of some cool interviews, between Kip and John Mackey, Whole Foods’ co-founder and co-CEO. Did you know they were former college roommates? They interviewed each other in their respective stores about the work environment, approach to people – and even showed each other their favorite products!

Congratulations again – to all of the companies on the list – and to our 5000 employees across the country. Thank you for all you do to make The Container Store a great place to work!

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