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Congrats to Our Winners!

Congrats to Our Winners!

Congratulations to the 10 winners of our January What We Stand For campaign sweepstakes! Last month, we asked our readers to watch our videos all about how The Container Store is working to create an environment where EVERYONE associated with our business can THRIVE – and then leave a comment for a chance to win a $1,000 Store More Card.

We were absolutely blown away by all the incredible comments – nearly 5,000 comments from people who wholeheartedly support our approach to business and loved hearing more about how business is not a zero-sum game – no one has to lose for someone else to win. It’s much better and more fruitful for all to have everyone working together – including our employees, customers, vendors, the community and our shareholders!

You can read the comments left by our 10 lucky winners below. And, for another chance to win, be sure to visit our We Love Our Employees Day blog post announcing our new Employee First Fund and leave a comment by Feb. 21!

  • Sheri S: I already loved The Container Store but after seeing the way you work your company, I love you even more. It is so refreshing when a company takes the whole picture into account. It only makes sense that when everyone is happy with what they are doing, everyone is successful. Sure wish more corporations would think that way. Thank you for being amazing!
  • Joel G: One hand washes the other. A business that has the best interest of its stakeholders at heart will itself benefit, just as it helps them to thrive.
  • Danna I: I have been a customer of The Container Store for more than 10 years now and I love it even more today than I did at first sight. There are so many items that I can only find at The Container Store and I love showing off those unique items to my friends. They know me well enough now that when I show them something “cool” I found to make myself more organized, they say, “let me guess, you found it at The Container Store.” I always say, “of course!” Thank you for all the wonderful, unique, and helpful items that you carry in your store. I love the employees, the bright layout of the store, and the business philosophy behind it all.
  • Jennifer: Wow! I loved watching “Thrive” and really getting a view into what truly makes this company different. I’ve always enjoyed shopping at The Container Store. I would enter with a specific item in mind to purchase. I always left with the item and a few more that caught my eye. The store environment is appealing and the culture is uplifting. Now I see what makes the difference. Thank you for sharing your mission and what drives the culture at The Container Store. Congratulations on 15 years in a row! Truly an amazing blessing!
  • Danaee P: Truly an amazing company dedicated to making our lives better inside and out!!
  • Crystal C: I watched Kip’s video and I want to know if The Container Store is hiring. I love the fact that they are so caring about their employees. I think that is what makes the employees so caring about their customers and the products they are selling. I love The Container Store because I find things that I can’t find anywhere else. I love finding storage containers that fit between small spaces and things made for other small spaces throughout the home. In fact, I made my husband go one day which he was truly unhappy about and then later on I found him around the corner lovingly staring at the assortment of kitchen garbage cans. Needless to say, he did not leave with his garbage can. This store has a little bit of something for everyone!
  • Micki L: Quote from the video: “I don’t sell products, I solve problems.” That’s why I love The Container Store! I walk in with a problem and walk out with a solution!!! I LOVE The Container Store!!!!!
  • Kirstin: #consciouscapitalism is truly a movement that takes a lot of guts!!!
  • Michelle B: After watching these videos, I think it should be a requirement for every school and business to create such “WWSF” mission statement videos. It is so nice to hear that some companies still realize that an “employee-first” and love – based approach will decrease turnover and increase morale in indescribable ways. As an elementary teacher, I have relied a lot on The Container Store’s products to keep both myself and my students organized and sane in my classroom, and I feel like schools could benefit from the approach discussed in these videos–one in which stakeholders are trained, encouraged, and poured into! This may mean employees and customers
    in a business, but it equates well into a school setting to include administrators, teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, and especially students. A very empowering vision indeed.
  • Mandi E: Every time I find myself in The Container Store, I feel peaceful. There is a lot to be said for recognizing a customer’s need and delivering. Your staff is friendly, the store well appointed, and the prices reflect pride in your product, and yet consideration for your customer’s budget. I was surprised to discover the philanthropy aspect of your company. And yet, not really. You take care of your customers, your employees, why not others? Thank you for seeing the bigger picture, and taking part. You get it, you really do.