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Conscious Capitalism – a Must-Read!

Conscious Capitalism – a Must-Read!

As I’m sure is the same with all of you, I’ve done quite a bit of reflecting over the past several weeks on 2012 – the wonderful celebrations we had here at The Container Store and the areas of opportunity. I’ve also been thinking a lot about 2013 and the glorious things ahead of us this coming year! You know, I’m so, so proud of the way we do business – staying true to our seven Foundation Principles and ensuring they guide every decision we ALL make for everyone connected to The Container Store.

And while we’ve been operating this way since 1978, it’s been an absolute delight and natural fit over the past few years to join together with John Mackey at Whole Foods Market, my former college roommate in Austin (I still can’t believe the luck J)and so many other business, academic and thought leaders in building the awareness of Conscious Capitalism.

I truly believe that Conscious Capitalism is the most enduring, fun and profitable way to build a business. It’s about ensuring that we simultaneously create value for all of our stakeholders – our employees, vendors, customers, the community, and shareholders. Our goal in operating in this conscious way is to create a stunningly strong, sustainable, beloved and profitable company. And as you learn more about Conscious Capitalism, you will see some incredible parallels between this philosophy and The Container Store’s Foundation Principles.

That’s why I’m so excited to share a new book by that John Mackey, along with Raj Sisodia — Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. And The Container Store is carrying it in all of our stores and online!!!!

I’m excited for all of our employees, vendors and customers to read the book – it truly is the BEST primer on Conscious Capitalism. It explains in such a simple way how business can transform society in a way beyond the products or services it offers. Right now, capitalism has a PR problem. People see capitalism as heartless, and synonymous with negativity. But capitalism practiced in a conscious way is the number one vehicle for positive change in the world – it’s true!

I really hope that you’ll read the book – and then come back to our blog and leave a comment letting me know what you think!

Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO, The Container Store