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Conscious Capitalism from Our Employee’s Perspective!

Conscious Capitalism from Our Employee’s Perspective!
Charlie with his daughter Emily, who is also an employee at The Container Store in Denver!

How do you know that Conscious Capitalism really works? Just ask Charlie L., a full-time sales employee in our Cherry Creek store in Denver. He surprised and delighted us all by publishing an article over the weekend on financial journalist Al Lewis’ news website sharing his perspective of what it’s like to work at a conscious company.

In the article, Charlie shares that “from an employee’s perspective, Conscious Capitalism makes for a happier work environment, a greater sense of purpose, and a fairer distribution of income.” He also goes on to share that “We’ve all struggled with unhappy employees leading to poor customer service, and many consumers have even fled to the Internet to avoid the hassle of shopping in 21st century America. At Conscious Capitalism companies, the workers get to make the decisions on the sales floor, are given the tools to give great customer service, and are paid better than industry average (including superior benefits), which makes for a happier workplace.”

We’re so proud that Charlie’s a part of our team! Be sure to read everything he had to say in the full article here!