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Creating the ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience

Creating the ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience

Here at The Container Store, we like to say that “We Sell the Hard Stuff.” For us, this means our products have more functionality than meets the eye. Often, a customer will walk into the store thinking she knows exactly what she needs, but a brief conversation with one of our highly-trained sales associates will show that we actually have a different product that will meet her needs even better! Some of our most versatile and beloved products, like elfa, can require some explanation before the customer can truly see ALL the features and possible benefits. To translate that store experience to our website we have videos that show how different products can be used.

We strive to make sure that our customers feel supported even after they have taken home the perfect product—so we not only offer services like installation, we also have videos on our YouTube channel to help customers with product assembly.

Recently, veteran salesman Bill Farquharson walked into our Natick, Massachusetts store and experienced this firsthand. He then shared his experience in a blog post, Creating the ‘Wow!’ Customer Experience. Below is an excerpt from his post:

“Along with the receipt and a list of the tools needed and assembly instructions, Jen pointed to a six-digit number and told me to go online and punch that number into the ‘Assembly Assistance’ box. That would prompt a YouTube video to pop-up and teach me how to put my wall unit together.

Really? That last step was the kicker.

The Container Store is an absolute blast to walk through. The things that you can buy that help you to organize your life are clever and fun and you didn’t even know you needed them until you walked in. But to walk out with the right solution to your problem and a good feeling about what comes next, the dreaded assembly, makes for the kind of customer experience that you want to rave about, or in this case blog.”

Read the full post here, or experience our great customer service firsthand at your local store!