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Donate Now to Help UNICEF USA Bring Hope to Kids Worldwide

Donate Now to Help UNICEF USA Bring Hope to Kids Worldwide

While easy access to education is something Americans often take for granted, there are many others across the world in very different circumstances. For instance, since war erupted in South Sudan in 2013, an enormous number of Sudanese children have not had access to educational materials or teachers. Many classrooms have been destroyed, and a large number of families have fled the area.

One of those refugees is 9-year-old Nypuor, who currently lives in one of the camps for displaced families. “I was very frightened by the war,” she says. “I saw so many people wounded and men shooting guns.” Fortunately, Nypuor is now able to attend school on a regular basis due to UNICEF’s Education in Emergency program, which was launched in response to the violence in the area. This program works to break down barriers that keep children from school and ensure that the most vulnerable children—including those in emergency and conflict settings—can access quality education. “I feel safe here and want to keep coming to school,” Nypuor says.

The mission to provide safe learning spaces for children around the world is ongoing, and The Container Store has once again partnered with UNICEF to help provide opportunity for children in need. Last year, our fundraising campaign helped support UNICEF’s work to provide 15.7 million children in 330,858 classrooms with learning materials and reach over 11.7 million children with educational opportunities in humanitarian situations.

Through August 31st, The Container Store customers can make donations to UNICEF at checkout either in our stores or online to help us reach our goal of raising more than a quarter of a million dollars for UNICEF USA. For more information, please visit our partnership page here.

Please join us in supporting UNICEF and helping children like Nypuor receive the education they deserve.