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Grads: Find a Company That Shares Your Values

Grads: Find a Company That Shares Your Values

I’m a recent college grad, and while still in school, I had the privilege of meeting with and learning about so many companies – both locally here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as domestically and even internationally. I had the opportunity to go on two “study tours” with my classes to visit retail businesses in New York City and China. Through those study tours, as well as being exposed to what was available in the workforce at both large and small companies, I learned what type of company I would want to work for and what type of company I would not want to work for.

I wanted a company that had strong core values. I wanted to work for a company that cared about its community and cared for its employees. I wanted a company where I could grow and learn and be treated with respect. Most of the companies I learned about in college had some of these qualities but not all. Do companies with all these qualities really exist? YES THEY DO!

The Container Store stood out to me in my search for a great company as it fit all of my criteria! We have incredibly strong core values that are instilled in every employee called Foundation Principles. The Container Store gives back to every community that we have a presence in. Every new store location is opened with a charity receiving a portion of the grand opening weekend sales.

And the community that is created within The Container Store family is unlike any other! We have events throughout the year including a Chili Cook-off, Soap Box Derby, and on Valentine’s Day we celebrate National Love Our Employees Day! Working at The Container Store allows me continuous opportunities to grow, both in my career and in my personal life. I have mentors and supervisors who take a vested interest in my development as an Assistant Buyer and strive to get me to the next stage in my career. The best part about the career path at The Container Store is that there is not one…my next position might not even exist yet! I love working at The Container Store because it’s more than just a job for me, it’s a great place to work with endless opportunities!!

I know there are so many recent graduates this time of year that are wondering the same thing I was…is there a company out there that shares your same values? The answer is YES! And I’d encourage you to find that company – because there’s nothing more fulfilling than working at a place that stands for the same things that you do.

Alexis L., Assistant Buyer