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How Leaders Woo Hearts

How Leaders Woo Hearts

It’s nearly here! We’re so excited that Kip’s new book, Uncontainable, will launch on October 7th! Starting that day, Kip will embark on a two-week book tour across the country to speakwith business leaders, students, media and many others about Uncontainable.

And we’re thrilled that his first stop will be at the World Business Forum in New York City! He’ll be joining an incredible line-up of speakers including former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, renowned author Malcolm Gladwell and TOM’s Shoes Founder Blake Mycoskie.

Kip recently had the opportunity to speak with Leadership Freak blogger Dan Rockwell, the featured blogger for the World Business Forum. Kip shared his thoughts on leadership – including how he inspires people by making them believe in their WAKE. Like a boat’s wake, it’s the idea that everything you do, and don’t do, impacts the people around you far more than you think it does.

Read all about how Kip “woos hearts” as a leader in the Leadership Freak blog post. And if you haven’t already, pre-order your copy of Uncontainable at!