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How We Sell the Hard Stuff

How We Sell the Hard Stuff

Did you ever wonder how our employees just seem to know EVERYTHING about ALL of our products and always have the PERFECT solution for the toughest organizational challenges?

Well, it’s all about the training! Before we open a new store, our newly-hired employees experience an entire month of training on all of our products, store systems, our Foundation Principles, and more. This allows them to be fully prepared before they hit the sales floor!

One of our new store employees’ FAVORITE trainings is “Buyer Training” – an incredible 8-hour day of in-store training led by The Container Store’s buying team. Our buyers take the new team aisle by aisle through our store explaining why they chose to carry each product, and any surprising or unique aspects about it.

All day long, employees are gasping with surprise, exclaiming with excitement and writing down products that they just HAVE to buy for themselves now that they know all that the product can do. It’s so much fun!

Here are a few incredible tips and tidbits from the training…

  • The Container Store’s tubular hangers are unique – we worked with our fabulous vendor to create special molds that don’t have the sharp ridge on the plastic that others do, which protects clothing from rips and tears. Plus, we offer a dozen fun colors to choose from!
  • We have the perfect solution for people who love to eat pickles, artichokes, and other items packed in juice – round plastic food storage containers with a built-in strainer, to keep your fingers dry!
  • We actually worked alongside our vendor to design our 12 gallon stainless steel step cans, which are exclusive to The Container Store! The cool thing about these – a removable plastic liner makes bag changes super easy, and features technology that keeps the trash bag in place, resulting in less mess.
  • If you need a smart way to keep laundry sorted, our rhombus hamper is designed with magnets sewed into the sides so you can connect multiples together.
  • For your on-the-go Office needs, our portable accordion files expand fully at both the top and the bottom to provide ample storage space for your documents.

Our new store teams leave the training feeling empowered, in-the-know, and most of all, excited about helping customers with anything and everything they need! We always say that our employees “sell the hard stuff”- products that have more functionality than meets the eye – and this is how we do it! It takes highly trained, knowledgeable and caring employees to assist our customers and provide exceptional customer service.