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Improving Trust

Improving Trust

Our guest blogger and friend, Bethany Hilton, joins us again for a follow up to her recent post about her choice to seek work at a conscious company.

I recently had the privilege of writing a blog post called Finding a Company that Shares My Values in which I discussed the process I went through to search for a job based on the company rather than the job description. When readers asked me why shared values were so important to me, I was thrilled to sit down and put my thoughts in writing.

As a refresher, I believe the most important criteria for finding an exceptional workplace are working with a business whose purpose exceeds making money and whose leaders are people of integrity.

Why did these matter to me? I knew if the organization I joined had a purpose beyond itself, then the work I did would have a positive impact. Additionally, if the organization also had leaders with integrity, I knew they would uphold that company purpose and support the pursuit of it.

When I interviewed with Improving and heard that our first job every day is to build trust; that we were looking to rebuild the historically low trust between business and IT to promote a positive perception of the IT professional, this was inspiring to me.
Right away, I knew working as an account manager, I would interface with our delivery teams, our clients and our leadership. I would be in the perfect spot to help rebuild that trust by focusing on exemplifying and sharing those behaviors of trust. Being so closely connected to our company purpose and having the ability to align with it, was a major factor in my decision to join Improving.

Furthermore, as I was observing our leadership, I saw them exhibit integrity through their alignment to that purpose. We have an internal development program led by our CEO Curtis Hite where each week leadership dedicates time to journaling and sharing with each other which of the 13 trust behaviors they have been actively working to improve. This accountability to growth around our purpose is just one small example of how our leaders are serving not themselves but our company’s purpose.

I’m deeply grateful to be part of a business that operates with such integrity and purpose and I hope this story will serve as inspiration when you are making your next career shift.