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January is National Blood Donor Month!

January is National Blood Donor Month!

Rob (left) and Aaron from our Loss Prevention team donating blood at one of our bi-annual blood drives.

In the year 1970—a full eight years before The Container Store was founded—President Nixon declared the month of January to be National Blood Donor Month. Since then, this annual month-long celebration has been an important way to promote blood donation throughout the United States. It’s a cause very near and dear to our hearts, and we host bi-annual blood drives at our Home Office to help our neighbors in need of transfusions.

For many people, the thought of giving blood is a scary and uncomfortable proposition. Cassie Rangel, one of our TCS Closets Designers, was one of those people until she decided to take a chance and, with the support of a friend and co-worker, she signed up for our blood drive. “I was nervous the moment I walked into the room,” Cassie recalls, “but the appointment was quick and easy. It was just a small pinprick and I didn’t feel a thing.” Overall, she was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was, and she would gladly do it again. “I’m proud of myself for trying something new, and I’ll definitely sign up for the next one!”

According to the American Red Cross, approximately 21,000 people receive some type of blood donation from their donors each day. However, due to winter storms and seasonal illnesses across the country, many blood drives have been canceled, and they’re now struggling to keep up with the demand. In fact, they recently issued an emergency call for blood and platelet donations.

Whether you’re a veteran blood donor or a newbie, the best time to donate is NOW! And if you’re an employer, hosting a blood drive is one of the most rewarding ways to make a difference in your community. Either way, we urge you to make it your New Year’s Resolution to donate blood and help save lives!