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KIND and TCS Partner to Spot & Celebrate Kindness

KIND and TCS Partner to Spot & Celebrate Kindness

#kindawesome is a program that empowers people to celebrate the acts of kindness happening all around them. This program is part of KIND’s commitment to inspire and spread kindness through our KIND Movement. Today, World Kindness Day, we are partnering with The Container Store and all of you — to recognize the kind acts that we all see every day!

Until today, #kindawesome was primarily a KIND Team member activity. When the KIND team sees a KIND act, big or small — a woman giving up her seat for an elderly person on the bus, for example — we give that woman a #kindawesome card for her kind act. She can then redeem the card online for KIND snacks as a “thank you” for being kind along with— and most importantly — a #kindawesome card to pay it forward.

As KIND’s CEO and Founder said in his book Do the KIND Thing, “What’s magical about these cards is that we’re not interrupt¬ing the KIND act at the moment it happens. Only after the pure act of kindness is complete do we then celebrate the person.”

While we all strive to celebrate kindness every day, World Kindness Day is a great moment to reflect on our mission and invite others to join our Movement. We are inviting all of you to join us in kind spotting. Today, there will be KIND bars and our new #kindawesome cards given away at check out at all The Container Store locations while supplies last, which will allow you to celebrate someone’s kind act in your life by email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message. To learn more or to encourage others to spread kindness, go to