The Container Store

Kip & Garrett’s 35th Anniversary Tribute

We love our co-founders, Kip and Garrett!! They just celebrated their 35th anniversaries with the company at our annual Service Awards (we recently posted a blog about this special event that celebrates the tenure of nearly 150 employees who have worked at our company for 10+ years).

Of course we had a special surprise up our sleeves to let them know how grateful we are for their ongoing leadership, and for creating a company that makes all of us feel safe, secure, warm, loved, hugged and happy each and every day! In addition to our employees, we also asked our vendors, customers and community members to share their heartfelt words about how Kip and Garrett have made a positive impact on their lives.

The result was this very touching video – a tribute to Kip and Garrett and all of the amazing good they’ve done over the past 35 years! It’s a must-see – and you might want to grab a box of tissues before pressing “play!” ☺