The Container Store

Kip on Employee Feedback

We believe that Communication IS Leadership – they are one and the same. Our CEO, Kip, often travels to visit our stores across the country (in fact, he was in Houston just about a week ago!) When he meets with a store team, he says that while of course he enjoys hearing what our employees love about our business – their store, their team, great training, celebrations, and more, he also makes a point to ask about what we could be doing better.

“Employees need to hear that there are lots of things they know more about than I do when it comes to this business,” says Kip. “I don’t care if you’ve been here just three weeks – there are things you know more about than I know. And I’m so happy to hear about that!”

Watch the video to hear more of what Kip had to say about the importance of seeking employees’ feedback and how it allows us to continue to innovate and evolve in our ever- changing world.