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Leaders We Love: Charles Tandy

Leaders We Love: Charles Tandy

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I grew up listening to my Dad share inspirational quotes and stories about one of his mentors, Charles Tandy. Charles Tandy, Chairman of Tandy Corp., ran a successful chain of leather craft stores in the 1950s and 1960s. He ventured into electronics in 1963, which included the acquisition of Radio Shack. This is where my Dad began his career with Mr. Tandy as a Store Manager.

Charles Tandy had a passion for retailing and was a pioneer in consumer electronics. focused on empowering his employees by putting the sales people in charge and allowing his Store Managers to take ownership by communicating all areas of the business with them. Charles Tandy also focused on growing the Radio Shack brand through developing private label products, offering only the best quality products in his stores and striving to have 100% customer satisfaction by doing what is right for each individual customer. You can read more about his career in the book Tandy’s Money Machine.

Throughout my career with The Container Store I have noticed the similarities between Charles Tandy’s vision and that of The Container Store’s. Just as Mr. Tandy was a retail pioneer, Kip Tindell and Garrett Boone created the storage and organization category of retail. We have our seven Foundation Principles which include Communication IS Leadership and The Best SELECTION, SERVICE & PRICE that focus on empowering our employees, building our brand and offering our customers nothing less than the best retail experience.

As I continue to grow a wonderful career in retail with The Container Store, my Dad and I continue to discuss and share our retail experiences and business philosophies with one another. My Dad was lucky to have begun his retail career with such an inspirational leader and I was able to do the same with The Container Store.

Carrie L., General Manager, Boca Raton Store