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Leaders We Love: Jack Welch

Leaders We Love: Jack Welch

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Almost 21 years ago I unknowingly began my career in retail when I joined The Container Store team. At the time I was a psychology major thinking I was just getting a part-time job. Instead, I fell in love with retail, managing people, and working at an incredible company. Throughout the years I have developed a passion for learning from leaders who have forged ahead and found success.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, is one business leader that I have felt most connected to. It may be in part the Irish heritage we both share ☺, but more than that, it’s his message that as a leader, it’s okay to be yourself. As you grow your career, you don’t need to conform to be like everyone else. His thoughts on working hard, having integrity, being confident, differentiating, building a team of talented individuals and developing the ability to communicate your vision are reaffirming.

Jack inspired a culture to be the best. In his book Jack: Straight from the Gut, he said, “Where people dare to try new things – where people feel assured in knowing that the only limits of their creativity and drive, their own standards of personal excellence, will be the ceiling on how far and how fast they move.” Jack has inspired me to continue to create an environment where people feel safe and secure, know their value, have the drive to want to be their best and have the best careers possible.

Jeaneen A., General Manager, Tyson’s Corner, VA