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Leaders We Love: My First Retail Supervisor

  • Jan 02, 2014
  • Lauren D., General Manager, Atlanta Buckhead Store
Leaders We Love: My First Retail Supervisor
Lauren (front left, in the white t-shirt) with her team at the Atlanta Buckhead Store’s College Night.

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The inspiring leader in my life is not someone famous, but her words have not only guided me throughout my career as a retail manager, but also have made a tremendous impact on my personal values and beliefs.

The leader I love is Bonnie Marberry and she is the woman who hired me for my first retail job right out of college. I can still recall every word of that interview and how nervous and excited I was to have the opportunity to work under her direction and leadership. I didn’t realize at the time how much her words during that interview would stick with me and guide me during my 33-year retail career!

As the interview was coming to an end she said, “Retail to me is like the Golden Rule. You must do unto others as you would want done unto you. If you follow that and make it your Golden Rule you will be successful in all you do.” Bonnie was a very strong, demanding boss that I had the pleasure of working with for 15 years. She gave me a chance as a Third Assistant Manager for a clothing company called The Body Shop right out of college, without any experience. She was a wonderful leader and mentor who always lived by that Golden Rule. The example she set inspired me and is something I think about every day in my role as a leader at The Container Store. I approach each and every interaction with the Golden Rule in mind.

I have the responsibility and honor of leading a team of amazing people at our Atlanta Buckhead store, developing them to be better and stronger each and every day. We are all a part of an exciting, fast-paced growing company. That simple statement from my first inspiring leader helps me be successful not only as a leader in business but as a wife, sister, daughter and friend.

– Lauren D., General Manager, Atlanta Buckhead Store