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Leaders We Love: Rudy Giuliani

Leaders We Love: Rudy Giuliani

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At The Container Store we pride ourselves on our Employee-First Culture. We focus on doing our best to take great care of our people that work at our wonderful company and make our employees a priority over even our customers and our shareholders. I just love that we have a reputation for doing this in the retail industry and beyond and our Communication IS Leadership Foundation Principle supports this in our culture as well.

On September 11th, Rudy Giuliani also put the people of New York City first. I live in NYC and I was living here on September 11th. We all know what happened that horrific day to the city and to the nation. We were all so frightened, not knowing what would come next. Will there be more planes? Will there be more attacks? Will another state be impacted by these terrorists?

What Rudy Giuliani did for the city and the nation was unbelievable. He made us feel that we ALL mattered and that we were safe from harm. He communicated to us hourly about what was happening – he was open and honest in his communication. He knew that he needed to be the best leader ever and he did just that. Rudy has said that the rules of management he enforced as Mayor of the city enabled him to gain control of the emergency. Below are a few of the rules:

  • Actively seek input and the advice of others with more experience and expertise than you
  • Great leaders don’t hide behind other people
  • Meetings matter a lot
  • Leadership has a lot to do with the language you use
  • Great leaders never stop learning, especially about themselves and what they need to improve

So much of what Rudy Giuliani used as Mayor of NYC translates to what we do at The Container Store. This includes our whole-brained approach that we believe in, as well as the transparency we expect from ourselves and others. In addition, we love meetings as it gives us a chance to collaborate and share ideas, we pride ourselves on using a grace of authority when we speak and lastly, we never stop learning. We love to embrace the fact that we’re all still learning new things about ourselves and about leadership in order to be the best we can be – for each other and our customers!

If you want to read more about our great Mayor of NYC, he has written a great book titled Leadership.

Robin S., Regional Director