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Leaders We Love: Zig Ziglar

Leaders We Love: Zig Ziglar

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Zig Ziglar was a man who believed that anything was possible and achievable with the power of positive thinking. He was an accomplished man with a colorful resume that eventually led him to being a world changer. He motivated and inspired individuals to be all that they could be and he led businesses to elevated levels of success through his simplistic business models. He has written 20 books on personal growth and leadership. He believed fully in a work/life balance where family stayed the priority in the midst of growing your potential. He found pure joy in inspiring, encouraging and guiding others in the path that best benefited them.

So much about Zig Ziglar’s philosophies and beliefs align with The Container Store’s culture and Foundation Principles. He had a contagious enthusiasm which naturally made people believe in themselves; anyone who has ever been in his presence is captivated by his desire to make a difference in the lives of those he touches. He came from humble beginnings and through sheer hard work and determination became one of the top salesmen in the country, which led him to becoming an icon in the world of motivational speaking.

I identify so much with this man, because I get to experience every day the value that this talented company places on each and every individual that it employs. As leaders we get to take the time to develop and grow the talent in our company, by inspiring and investing in people’s careers. The impact and investment that we pour into our people truly changes lives. I have had many opportunities to be a part of investing in people and watching our employees grow and contribute to the company in many different ways. It is such a privilege to inspire, encourage and guide the future leaders in our company.