The Container Store

Love from Forbes

We were beyond excited to recently read a Forbes article titled “Container Store: The Art of Brand Celebration,” which described the author’s experience in our store (during our College Night) as “harmonious from beginning to end.”

While we loved his observations about what we work to do to create our “brand experience” – including creating an Air of Excitement in the store with prizes, and ensuring our organizational solutions help our customers prioritize their items to ultimately save valuable time – he mentioned one thing that’s truly the heart of our brand experience – our PEOPLE!!

Our “employee-first” philosophy means that if we do everything in our power to make our employees happy, then they will joyfully do everything in their power to make our customers happy…which ultimately makes the shareholder happy as well!

Nobody explains this concept better than our CEO, Kip – watch this quick video where he briefly explains the value of our employee-first culture.