The Best Selection, Service & Price®

In retail, being able to offer the best selection, service, and price is considered impossible. Some stores have great selection and service, but their prices are higher. Some have low prices and great selection, but their service is poor. We work to hit the triple crown every day – offering a well-edited, carefully curated collection of 10,000 products, expert advice and service that customers delight in, and prices competitive with the other retailers.

Our Buyers work diligently with our vendors on pricing that is better or equal to that which other retailers receive. Not all of the products we sell are exactly like what other retailers offer. And unless you know the stories behind those products, you may not be able to tell the differences that make ours better – more durable, more functional and more exceptional. From one-of-a-kind products you won’t find anywhere else to the best design and quality, you can find the “TCS Difference” in our stores and online. For each product category, we offer “better, best and exceptional” solutions to ensure our customers can select the product that’s right for their own storage and organization challenge, and their budget.

Our goal is to provide the best selection of products, at the best price that actually exceed a customer’s expectations so that hopefully, just hopefully, she’ll do a little dance each time she uses it. And then she’ll tell all her friends about how great it is, how it helps her stay organized, save time…and how she can’t imagine what her life was like before it. That’s a powerful testimony, and that’s a product – and an experience – that transcends value for our customers.