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Our Home Office – What We Stand For

Our Home Office – What We Stand For

How do you design a 1.1-million-square-foot building and create an environment that simultaneously supports all of a business’s stakeholders, takes a conscious approach to leadership and nurtures an employee-first culture, so that we can deliver on a purpose beyond profits? That was our challenge when we built our Home Office and Distribution Center.

So to inspire the design process, we shared words that best described our company’s personality, culture and what we stand for with our architect — words like PARTNERSHIP, LOVE, COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, SYNERGY, ORGANIZATION, INCLUSIVE and TEAM. I believe that the results were stunning and a true reflection of our differentiated approach to running a business.

I love how our carefully crafted, mutually beneficial vendor partnerships come to life throughout the building in how we use our products to not just make our workdays more productive, but as art. There’s nothing like the pride and honor in a vendor’s expression when they see their beloved product beautifully displayed and lit just like a masterpiece in a museum. And it’s simply a blast to host our vendors — often hundreds at a time – to celebrate events with us like our FORTUNE magazine “100 Best Companies to Work For” announcement or our annual Chili Cook-Off. The best part? You can’t tell the difference between an employee and a vendor — WE’RE ALL ONE COMMUNITY IN IT TOGETHER in order to enrich the lives of everyone connected to our business.

Our Home Office also serves as a special backdrop for community events. Whether it’s creating Easter baskets for thousands of children supported by Child Protective Services or hosting a school-supply fundraiser so that local kids have the fundamental tools they need to start the school year, our employees love collaborating in order to make a difference.

There’s an underlying feeling of connection throughout our building. The atrium, designed like a town hall, serves as a place where we often come together and celebrate, share announcements and even hold impromptu meetings. IT’S AN ENVIRONMENT THAT REJECTS SILOS AND INSTEAD FOSTERS CONNECTION, COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNITY among all of our employees, no matter their area of the business.

In creating our company headquarters and in ALL that we do, we’re committed to optimizing the needs of and relationships between ALL OF OUR STAKEHOLDERS — our employees, vendors, customers, community and shareholders. Our goal in operating in this conscious way is to create a stunningly sustainable, beloved and profitable company…a company that’s aware of our WAKE — our impact on everything around us – so that the lives of everyone we touch are enriched and brimming with opportunity. We believe running a business this way is the right thing to do; don’t you? This is why we all love getting out of bed and coming to work each day.

Tell us what has inspired your own home office for a chance to win one of the many $50 Store More Cards we give away each month to our customers who comment on our blog. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO

Our Home Office – What We Stand For