The Container Store

Over $250,000 donated to UNICEF!

Back in July, we set a goal to donate $250,000 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Thanks to the generosity of our customers and employees—we met and surpassed that goal!!

We know the funds raised will make a huge difference providing children around the world with a quality education, their strongest barrier against poverty. With our donation of more than $256,000, UNICEF could provide:
• Self-learning materials for 3,334 children who cannot attend school because it’s unsafe
4,000 double-sided chalkboards, 8,000 chalkboard dusters and 400,000 white chalk sticks
400,000 children with pencils and notebooks
480 school-in-the box kits to help carry on classes for 19,200 children during an emergency

The Container Store, along with our friends at UNICEF, would like to thank you for supporting these efforts!