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Perspectives on Conscious Business

Perspectives on Conscious Business

Ever since the publication of John Mackey and Raj Sisodia’s seminal book Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business five years ago, the idea of “conscious business” has spread far and wide throughout the world. As a big proponent of the Conscious Capitalism movement, The Container Store truly believes in the importance of creating a business where ALL STAKEHOLDERS can thrive together – including our employees, customers, vendors, shareholders and the community.

So, on the fifth birthday of this great book, we wanted to share a few great articles highlighting ways that conscious businesses and leaders can make a difference in the world:

“A Former Skeptic Explains Why Conscious Capitalism Could Save The World” by Mike Maddock (via Forbes)

“I am a convert. But it took a while. Even though my friend Rajendra (Raj) Sisodia is the co-author (with John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods) of the best-seller Conscious Capitalism, I was skeptical of their thinking for the longest time. However, the recent horrific headlines we have been hit with have made me change my mind.”

“5 ‘Feminine’ Traits That All Conscious Leaders Should Cultivate” by Tina Young (via Conscious Company Media)

“While I could point out many attributes to successful leadership, these five consistently show up in conscious leaders who are taking their companies to new levels. These leaders are successful not only because they possess these traits — which were once considered more feminine — but also because their companies hire, form strategies, and make decisions through this lens.”

“Why Consciousness Is the Key to Unlocking Capitalism’s Greatest Potential” by Geoff Campbell and Aleksandra Corwin (via Conscious Capitalism Inc.)

“More and more, the term ‘Conscious Capitalism’ pops up in business and general media as the future of doing business. But what is it, and where did the concept come from? And why is it important that businesses adopt a more “conscious” way of operating?”

“Socially Responsible Business Can Only Succeed If It Becomes A Movement” by Richard Straub (via Harvard Business Review)

“What does it take to cause something big about a community to change — something that no one individually has much power over, even something as big as a prevailing mindset? We know what it takes: a social movement. And social movements aren’t only the domain of community organizers and college students. Business people can set them in motion, too, as we are seeing right now.”