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Perspectives on Creativity

Perspectives on Creativity

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

This famous quote demonstrates the incredible importance of creativity. Great minds are often not driven by what they know but what they’d like to know, and getting there involves a certain amount of imagination and creativity.

Of course, creativity is not just important to theoretical physicists, but to everyone, especially in the business world. Creativity fuels innovation and adaptation, and virtually no business would ever be successful without it. In this spirit, we selected a few articles to help you jump-start the creativity in your own career:

“5 Ways to Grow Your Creativity and Productivity at The Same Time” by Karla Lant-Zapier (via Fast Company)

“Creativity and productivity are too often seen as opposing forces battling for your time and the soul of your work. But working longer and harder isn’t the only way to be productive, and thinking creatively can achieve amazing results. It’s all in how you approach your work.”

“Great Minds Don’t Think Alike: How Creativity and Cognitive Diversity Fuel Business Greatness” by Laura Callahan and Eric Verkerke (via Quartz)

“…while human resource directors aren’t yet reaching out en masse to recruit artists, leaders in business already understand the importance of creativity to reaching their goals. A recent IBM study of 1,500 CEOs revealed that creativity is the single most important skill for leaders. In a workforce preparedness study conducted by the Conference Board, 97% of employers said that creativity is of increasing importance.”

“Here’s How to Be a Master of Brainstorming” by Tanya Hall (via Inc.)

“Brainstorming tends to be a love or hate activity, with some employees enjoying the break in their routines to get creative and others dreading such a meeting. Ultimately, there are no right or wrong ways to brainstorm. Whatever helps you and your team bring forward a lot of strong ideas is a win in my book. However, having led many a brainstorm, I have learned a few skills that may help you facilitate your next one.”

“How Wiling Are You to Make an Investment in Creativity?” by Peter Himmelman (via Forbes)

“The question I have for leaders is simple: Do you really want more creativity and innovation in your workplace or are you just giving lip-service to a kind of change you have no intention of implementing?”