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Perspectives on Strong Company Culture

Perspectives on Strong Company Culture

Regardless of your generation, corporate culture is a hot topic among all members of the workforce. Many job seekers are prioritizing companies that they feel share their values, even if those companies don’t pay quite as much as their competitors. Similarly, many executive leadership teams are now focusing more on meeting the needs of their employees as much as their customers.

At The Container Store, we’ve always believed in what we call an “Employee First Culture,” which means developing a strong mutual respect between leaders and employees and ensuring our employees feel valued, included, and rewarded for their great work. With corporate culture top of mind for so many, we wanted to share several great articles we ran across on the subject:

“How To Identify A Toxic Culture Before Accepting A Job Offer” by Jared Lindzon (via Fast Company)

“Many recent graduates have indicated that they would accept a significant pay cut in order to work for a company that they felt had great values, culture, and leadership. With such a high premium on these traits, employers have been repositioning their recruiting materials to put them front and center, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell which are really living these values, and which are only paying lip service.”

“How These 5 CEOs Are Innovating Their Company Culture” by Deep Patel (via Forbes)

“No company can afford to rest on its laurels. With technology advancing at a rapid pace and consumer behaviors continuously changing, it’s up to leaders to establish company-wide practices to ensure that the organization meets the needs of both its customers and its employees. Creating a culture steeped in innovation is the only real way to safeguard against irrelevance. I sat down with leaders at 5 burgeoning organizations to better understand how they approach and prioritize company culture. Here’s what they had to say…”

“There’s No Need To Change Your Company Culture To Attract Millennials” by Brad Deuster (via New York Daily News)

“Employers spend a lot of time puzzling over what they need to do to attract millennials and how to retain those young employees once they hire them…But could it be that companies desperate to recruit millennials are looking at the situation all wrong?”