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Perspectives on Strong Leadership in Business

Perspectives on Strong Leadership in Business

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” - John F. Kennedy

It’s a simple fact: great companies can’t survive and thrive without great leaders. And great leadership requires the ability to grow, learn, and adapt as the world changes. In keeping with our belief that “Communication IS Leadership,” we’d like to share a few great articles that offer valuable leadership advice to those in the world of business:

“Four Strategies for Cultivating Strong Leaders Internally” by Bernard Banks and Jake J. Smith (via Kellogg Insight)

“…as more and more companies tout self-improvement opportunities as a perk in order to recruit new employees, internal talent development is not always resourced as a strategic imperative. Banks highlights that building a sustainable leadership team requires an ongoing investment in an organization’s own human resources—and careful consideration of the talent it will need in the future.”

“Shedding the Armor: Why Feminine Leadership Is Good for Your Business” by Alaina Love (via SmartBrief)

“Research shows that women leaders tend to be more relationship oriented, more collaborative and better listeners, all traits that are essential to building high performing teams, interfacing with customers and solving complex problems…Yet, the representation of women at senior levels in most organizations is starkly less than that of men.”

“The True Cost of Poor Communication” by Dean Brenner (via Forbes)

“…while we see the benefits of good communication, we generally think about poor communication as a momentary setback…Company leadership often fail to see how poor communication hinders the organization as a whole. Collectively, poor communication can disrupt business on a fundamental level.”