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Perspectives on Women in the Workplace

Perspectives on Women in the Workplace

Even though The Container Store was founded by two guys, women have always been an integral part of our company. As a company where 65% of our employees are women (including our CEO and five out of eight members of our executive leadership team), the plight of women in the workplace has always been something that is very dear to us. The fact remains, however, that many women still face challenges in the workplace, and we believe that it’s vital for businesses to recognize this and work together to eliminate them.

In light of this important issue, we’ve compiled a few articles with helpful tips and insight for women either navigating a corporate career path or starting their own business:

“9 Tips for Succeeding as a Woman in a Male-Dominated World” by Pamela Marrone (via Entrepreneur)

“Today, women are almost 47 percent of the workforce. But in many ways, in many industries, there’s a strong institutional bias toward the male ways of doing things… Developing the following traits and habits were tremendously helpful in making my way as a woman in corporate America, and they can help you, too.”

“Advancing Female Talent: Organization-Wide Opportunities for Change” by Dr. Rosina Racioppi (via Forbes)

“The sustainable advancement of female talent requires casting a wide net. Companies need to attract and retain talented women at all levels, identify organizational artifacts that pose unintended barriers, create opportunities for women to define their career goals and execute strategies to achieve them, and combat cultures that provide a safe haven for gender bias.”

“8 Ways for Women to Be More Successful Entrepreneurs” by Mary Mazzoni, Rachel Zurer, and Catherine Bell (via Conscious Company Media)

“The world needs more women entrepreneurs, says Catherine Bell, founder of the Awakened Company, a management consultancy in Calgary, Canada. But women face a unique set of challenges as new business owners. ‘Women carry the lion’s share of responsibilities at home and at work, so we need all the help we can get,’ Bell tells Conscious Company. ‘The question is: How can we make it a little bit easier for women entrepreneurs to succeed?’”