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Saluting Female Heroes

Saluting Female Heroes

We’re proud to be a great place for women to work. Our workforce is about 65 percent female and we’ve continually strived for fairness and equality for all of our employees for the entire 40 years we’ve been in business.

In honor of March being Women’s History Month, we reached out to many employees all over the company and asked them: who’s your female hero? We received a variety of answers (including some well-known figures and some less-so) and you can check them out below:

Lacy Cannaday, Full-Time Sales, Austin:

Lucille Ball is my hero. Her hard work and unabashed tenacity created major success. She was the first female to run a major Hollywood studio, had her hit TV show after the age of 40, and she portrayed half of the first interracial couple on TV, all of this at a time when it was unheard of or even frowned upon. And what about her comedy? She was a perfectionist that never ad-libbed because she believed in preparation for the highest amount of success. I love Lucy!

Lauren Rose, Digital Marketing Coordinator:

My should-be-famous hero is my grandma, Mil Sanderson, who spent 50+ years as a teacher impacting the lives of all of her students by teaching them how to read and write, and by showing them unconditional love and kindness. She has always been there for everyone who has ever needed her, especially to my two daughters – her only great-grandchildren. To the world, she is just one woman, but to my children she is their “Super-G”. She is just that—super!  

Timberey Meeks, Operations Analyst:

The caring, classy and charismatic former First Lady Michelle Obama is my “shero”. She embodies a spirit of both humility and tenacity simultaneously. There are few people, men or women, that could have endured such a public spotlight and not have a misstep. She is poised, relatable, articulate, extremely intelligent and always gracious. Under the harshest of microscopes, she was able to lift a nation of women and girls to a level of hope that is truly inspiring.

Lisa Boone, General Manager, Fort Worth:

“Servant leaders” share power, put the needs of others first and help people develop and perform as highly as possible. While that term was not around in the 1800’s, my 6th great aunt Clara Barton lived this principle as she founded the American Red Cross. During a time when there was no formal education for nurses and supplies were desperately needed, she compassionately cared for victims and didn’t think twice about the possible harm she would face. Her legacy remains as a selfless support to our military and nation and a pioneer for future women in leadership roles in the workplace.  

Rachel Pritchard, Resource Center Agent:

Does a character from a beloved TV show count? I hope so… I’ve come to the realization that Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation” is my personal hero and inspiration. She inspires me to be a better version of myself. She is a smart, strong and funny woman with aspirations and tenacity. She is organized beyond belief and has a strong passion for maintaining her friendships. She makes her world a better place by caring about all humans, animals, and even plants. I love that she knows at least one fact on every political female in history, along with other inspirational women. Go Knope! 

Jack Roy, Distribution Center Inventory Coordinator:

I'm blessed to be surrounded by women who are heroes to me, and who should be famous. My grandmother, Juanita Romo Roy, is my greatest. She has suffered through so many trials in her life, from pennilessness to blindness, but managed to persevere with strength, optimism, faith, and wisdom. She has been married to my grandfather for 65 years, and has raised and inspired 5 children, and dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren. She has never met an obstacle she couldn't surmount, and continues to be a shining beacon to our family.

Zandy Baker, Customer Contact Coordinator:

My hero is Maya Angelou. Not only did she overcome a lot of adversity in her life, but she turned her pain into something beautiful. She carried herself with dignity and grace. Her writing is both inspiring and beautiful. 

Which heroic woman do you admire? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!