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Shop to Support Brain Health!

Shop to Support Brain Health!

It’s Brain Awareness Week – a worldwide celebration of the brain that brings together scientists, families, schools, and communities to highlight brain science advances and advocate for science funding. Brain Awareness Week serves as a launching point for year-round Brain Awareness activities.

The Container Store provides ongoing support to the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas, because we believe an organized mind is a sharp mind!

Check out Friday’s Huffington Post blog by Center for BrainHealth Chief Director Dr. Sandi Chapman…it’s all about how you can improve your brain health no matter your age or stage. The key is to approach thinking differently – not simply to memorize facts and information, but to work the brain to construct provocative, thought-filled ideas and move away from surface-level, uninspired thinking.

For those in the Dallas area who share our passion for an organized life and sharp mind, you can support Brain Awareness Week by shopping our Northwest Highway store March 21 & 22, where 10% of weekend sales will benefit the Center for BrainHealth.